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Nicotine Floss is a revolutionary new product which helps people quit smoking. It was developed by Dr. Mondre years ago to help a patient quit smoking, and it has since been United States Patent: 5,035,252 patented. It is a smoking cessation system that not only curbs the smokers craving for a smoke (nicotine), but promotes healthy gums, and consequently a great smile!

Why should you quit?:

  • There is no magic to smoking cessation. You have to want to stop.
  • As you are well aware, smoking is VERY hazardous to your health. For many medical reasons you should stop smoking.
  • In addition to all the medical ailments that smoking is responsible for, smoking causes many problems of the mouth.
  • Smoking is the biggest environmental factor associated with Periodontal Disease.
  • Smoking delays wound healing in the mouth. It causes bone loss of the jaws and Periodontal Disease. Smoking causes many types of ORAL CANCER, not to mention discoloration of teeth and halitosis (bad breath).
  • Smokers should have regular Oral Cancer Screening examinations.
  • If you are currently smoking, YOU SHOULD STOP SMOKING! Cold turkey DOES work.
  • We invented Nicotine Floss, a device that will simultaneously stop the craving for smoking while providing for increased periodontal health.
  • The act of smoking, due to products of smoking, is extremely destructive to the oral tissues.
  • Smokers have a physical and psychological dependence from smoking.
How Nicotine Floss can Help:
  • With Nicotine Floss one can manually introduce nicotine directly into the periodontal sulcus, thus getting nicotine to relieve the physical dependence.
  • At the same time the flossing will provide for increased periodontal health, as well as keep the smoker busy doing things with his/her hands and mouth.
  • It is also known that people who start to floss on a regular basis can't NOT floss. Part of it is habitual and part is due to the good feeling of being clean.
  • Nicotine Floss moreover will turn a bad habit, smoking, into a good habit, flossing, which is likely to continue even when the individual no longer craves smoking. The smoker will be able to control just exactly how much nicotine he/she needs by the amount of flossing done. The smoker will be able to address the cues and triggers (that add to the smoking habit) directly. This will enable the smoker to deal with the complex social and psychological aspects of smoking while controlling the addiction to nicotine during cessation attempts.
  • Smoking helps breakdown and destroy the periodontal apparatus. Nicotine Floss not only rebuilds the periodontium by the action of flossing, but it stops the ill effects of tar and carbon monoxide caused by smoking.
  • The smoker, when craving a cigarette, instead of smoking, will floss. The act of flossing with Nicotine Floss will satisfy the smoker and the smoker will NOT want to smoke.
  • This, in a nutshell, describes Nicotine Floss and the method in which it works.
Instructions and Disclaimer:
  1. You must want to stop smoking. No smoking cessation system will work unless you are determined to stop.
  2. Take the Nicotine Floss "Flossette" and grasp the plastic end firmly.
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  3. Hold the Nicotine Floss "Flossette" tightly against the contact point between two teeth and gently guide the Nicotine Floss between the teeth. Work the Nicotine Floss through the contact point, moving it gently under the gumline. Be careful not to snap the Nicotine Floss between teeth and under the gums, as this can harm delicate tissue.
  4. Holding the Nicotine Floss "Flossette" tightly against the tooth, move the Nicotine Floss up and down scraping the Nicotine Floss against the tooth. It is this action that releases the nicotine and simultaneously cleans the teeth thus satisfying the need to smoke while removing food debris and plaque.
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  5. Repeat this procedure on each tooth slowly going from tooth to tooth, until you no longer have a craving to smoke. You will only have to floss a few teeth.
  6. You should be using the Nicotine Floss whenever you have a craving to smoke. With each application you should make sure you floss areas of the mouth that you might have missed on previous application (including ALL back teeth) such that each day every surface of every tooth gets flossed at least one time.
  7. Make sure to throw used "Flossettes" away immediately after use in the trash AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS!

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